A World of Football (AWOF) is a non-profit association created in 2012. Through a series of video clips and movies, AWOF promotes the worldwide power of football on men, women and children’s well-being and integration into society.

We indeed strongly believe that, far away from the cameras and big competitions, the grassroots football has the exceptional power to gather people of different races, cultures, social backgrounds and religions. The game offers to millions structures, guidance and values that they could not find elsewhere due to their living conditions. This is the social side of football that AWOF wants to highlight!

A Voice for the community

A World of Football offers unique communication tools to local actors invested in sport for social change. Through AWOF’s documentaries, the local projects are able to diffuse their message to a wide international audience, to inspire other social actors elsewhere and to attract new partners and funders in a very effective and dynamic way. All over the world those beautiful football stories exist, but they need to be told!

Through a series of extraordinary documentaries, AWOF will take you on a journey across the planet to witness the social power of the beautiful game. From Africa to Asia, from the Middle East to South America, discover stories where football has changed the lives of men and women.


  • To reaffirm with strength the grassroots values of football that brought so many people to practice it every day.
  • To emphasize the role of sports on youths in lack of social guidance.
  • To bring a necessary and beneficial visibility to the different social and local initiatives, mostly unknown, and thus to promote elsewhere these types of initiatives by raising people’s and politicians’ awareness.