Road 2016



With an outrageous number of 9 millions of emigrants, the Syrian conflict has devastating consequences for lots of families and children. In Syrian refugee camps, football has a crucial role in the education of children. Indeed, it gives them a well-needed structure and a way to take their mind off the daily problems.
Capital: Damascus
Population: 22,265,000
FIFA ranking: 151
Estimated number of players: 430,800
Clubs: 170



In the mountainous regions of Nepal, the social uniting power of football is demonstrated. Buddhist monk monasteries meet and come together by organizing football games.

Capital: Kathmandu
FIFA ranking: 179
Estimated number of players: 477,800
Clubs: 110



With the striking number of 12.9 millions people affected by the Haiyan typhoon in the Philippines (2013), lots of villages and cities were totally destroyed. Thanks to football, a local organization helps in their rebuilding and in the reorganization of social life. Video COMING SOON

Capital: Manila
Population: 100,746,900
FIFA ranking: 129
Estimated number of players: 1,668,765
Clubs: 85

American Samoa

The football national team of American Samoa is not famous for its performances, but has demonstrated tremendous open-minded behaviors. Indeed, the first transgender player to compete on a World Cup stage makes part of this team. Video COMING SOON

Capital: Pago Pago
Population: 55,519
FIFA ranking: 194
Estimated number of players: 3,248
Clubs: 33


Numerous deprived single-leg people play in several teams. It allows them to enjoy the game and all the pleasure it provides, as everyone else. Video COMING SOON

Capital: Nairobi
Population: 46,749,000
FIFA ranking: 179
Estimated number of players: 477,800
Clubs: 110


In the country known as the “country of football”, everyone grabs his chance to play. Behind barbed wires and strong safety measures, life-long condemned prisoners play football under the surveillance of armed wardens. Video COMING SOON

Capital: Brasilia
Population: 46,749,000
FIFA ranking: 7
Estimated number of players: 2,041,102
Clubs: 711


In Uganda, a BBC report stated that more than 20.000 children are kidnapped to be used as soldiers. A local organization helps ex child soldiers in their reintegration into the society.

Capital: Kampala
Population: 34,856,813
FIFA ranking: 84
Estimated number of players: 1,191,514
Clubs: 402


In Maasailand, different tribes meet and come together by organizing football games. Video COMING SOON

Capital: Dodoma (Tanzania)
Population: 49,250,000
FIFA ranking: 126
Estimated number of players: 1,191,514
Clubs: 402



Why would you need to see the ball when you play football if you already can hear it? Discover the story of Kevin, who became blind at the age of 16, but is now still playing football!

Capital: Brussels
Population: 11.207.020
FIFA ranking: 2
Estimated number of players: 443.383
Clubs: 2.058